Hugs and love from Mrs. Rasmussen´s kitchen table

When I woke up this morning I was thinking:

today I am going to send them all a big HUG and a LOT OF LOVE.

“Them all” – that is YOU – a much loved member of our wonderful LSP family. It is tough times for all of us right now. It is tough times for the whole world and the situation is almost unreal. For all of us it is a fact that our daily lives have been severely changed – and not for the better. An invisible nasty enemy is attacking us leaving very nasty, scary and visible results behind. There is not much we can do, but to follow the rules and regulations that are being told us from our various governments.

It is a scary situation in every way. Also, when it comes to our totally empty calendars. No work. No jobs. No LSP – in the real world. That leaves us worried. Of course. And some of you might have been thinking: what will happen AFTER all this is over? What about LSP? Will our methodology still be valid? Sought after?

When I am sitting at my kitchen table – with my computer in front of me – but with my elbows on the table and hands under my chin – contemplating about the future – there is a LOT that I am very uncertain of. Actually, I am very uncertain of almost everything. How will the world look? How will my own country operate? Will we be able to travel? What about my business? Will it survive? Will LSP survive?

And the latter is the only thing that I am totally certain of:

LSP will be even more sought after, more popular because:

It is the most fantastic tool we can practice when we move on and have to talk about how on earth we can do that – in a world that will be so changed and different in many ways. Because one thing is for sure (and has been proven in a very hard way during the past months) – we people – we need people – and the most important thing for us – is the contact and cooperation with our fellow human beings. That is also what made LSP work from the beginning.

Right now we all take advantage of all the great things that are possible on-line. Mail – chat – and skype and zoom and .. and … and …. It is wonderful that we can keep in touch this way. So much is possible online.

But not LSP! – Because LSP is about HUMAN BEINGS and CONTACT and VALUES.

We all miss our work. We miss each other. But – let us think positive thoughts and send each other a lot of hugs. Here comes a big one from me!

2 thoughts on “Hugs and love from Mrs. Rasmussen´s kitchen table

  1. Thanks for your heartfelt present. Excellent !!
    Thanks, again and again.  Robert sennsei and your serious sweet partner.


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