2010 – 2019

Now follows 10 years of hard work. A lot of it. It is serious. It is fun.

Robert (and Per in Copenhagen) er doing workshops – and both of them train new groups of LSP facilitators. Little by little the LSP community starts to build. I also do workshops once in a while – together with Robert or on my own, I do all the office- and administration work for RASMUSSEN CONSULTING – and I hold my day job as project manager in Vejle. I have always loved to “work with people” and it is very interesting for Robert and me to realize that LSP also works for and with people on sick leave due to anxiety and depression. By 2012 I have to stop my “official day time job” and join Robert in RASMUSSEN CONSULTING full time.

The LSP community grows. The annual meetings grow. And people do no longer laugh when you tell what you are working with. Yes – LEGO is a toy – but it is so much more – when used in the correct way. LEGO is SERIOUS – and we are LEGO SERIOUS PLAY.

Robert has always said: LSP attracts good people. And he is right. The LSP community is a growing group of many wonderful people who all work hard to spread LSP in the world. So of course – now we are “out there” – there are also COPY CATS out there. As with any other success there will always be persons who want to make “easy money on bad jobs”.

An “intersting set-up” (offering facilitator trainings) takes place at Hotel LEGOLAND. A cheap trick to make a copy-training look “LEGO official”. It creates confusion. I am too seriously confused. In the first intro on the site it is said “that the trainer was in the group first developing LSP”. This sentence was removed though – when I wrote to him that I was working side-by-side with Robert and his creative staff in Suffield, Connecticut – and I found it very very very strange that I had never met him ??

Well well – as LSP continue to grow – more and more “copies” surface. Per and Robert er both on a frequent base contacted by frustrated facilitators. But as they both say: the best “defense” (not that we need one) is to DO A GOOD and SERIOUS job.

And that is what we do – all of us. Then something truly MYSTERIOUS happens !!!!!!

A VAMPIRE surfaces. You know a vampire – a kind of “creature – sleeping in a casket for years – until he smells blood”. In this case I am sure – he (once again) smells MONEY. Oh so sad ….

It is no surprise that the vampire chooses to side with the guys at Hotel Legoland (where else ?) But I must admit that it IS a surprise when colleagues in our LEGO SERIOUS PLAY community (and even myself) start to receive e-mails like this one:

Well well – if you read my blog: 2001-2003 you will find the VAMPIRE´s name. You will see that he is the one of the two professors who had the original idea, presented it to the owner of LEGO, spent a lot of time and a lot of money – with NO result at all. And when the LEGO company closed the money box in 2003 – he totally – totally – vanished.

BUT NOW – in 2018 – 2019 – where a lot of good hardworking people have made LEGO SERIOUS PLAY what it is today – all over the world – now the VAMPIRE crawls out of his box. Smelling blood – no – but probably smelling a bit of “fame” and “cool cash”.

Well well – that is life. I just wanted you to know the REAL STORY.

I am looking so much forward to October where I will be seeing a lot of you again.

September greetings from Kolding, Denmark – Jette Rasmussen

4 thoughts on “2010 – 2019

  1. Thanks Jette for telling the true story. Too many msg reach me from him (by the way sponsored … meaning paid to reach me and the other facilitators), ignored. See you in October


  2. Hello Jette and Robert,

    @Jette: Thank you for your post.

    Guys, I am really looking forward to meeting you here in Frankfurt. And as you might have guessed – I couldn’t resist: I will be joining your LSP session. What a wonderful possibility to see you two in action and to have another refresher! Who would like to miss this? 😉

    Al the best, Matthias

    Matthias Renner

    The Creative Change Lab Eulengasse 48 D-60385 Frankfurt

    M: +49 151 598 99 818 E: renner@the-creative-change-lab.com W: http://www.the-creative-change-lab.com Meetup: https://www.meetup.com/de-DE/LEGO-SERIOUS-PLAY-Deutschland



  3. Dear Jette,

    Thanks for writing the truth and sharing it.
    But when you are working with a good heart and integrety. It will come to you.
    My grandmother always said, when you are lying and you are really hurting people or only see dollars, you will get one day your Waterloo ( like Napoleon). And the truth will speak.
    You and Robert are lovely and warm people. And so is LSP.

    Warm regards, Jenny


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