2001-2003 LSP developing and marketing – Executive Discovery LLC, Suffield, CT, USA

Times are busy at the office in Suffield, CT. It is hard work and a lot of it. Even though LEGO SERIOUS PLAY is an actual methodology and an actual product now – it is an extremely difficult “sell”. Most common response: no thank you – LEGO is a toy – for children – not for the business life.

Robert holds the title of COO at Executive Discovery LLC. Bart Victor is holding the title of CEO. He lives in Nashville and comes to the Suffield office once a month (to collect his check) and to chat with Robert. Bart Victor is also attending the very first LSP trainings of facilitators – that takes place in Nashville.

Robert really likes Bart Victor and all his thoughts and input regarding LSP.

The other professor (of the 2 – who originated the idea) – is Johan Roos. Let us just call him JR …. (like the bad guy in the series Dallas (:-) I have never seen him at this point – I have only heard about him – because of the past where he and Bart Victor received office support and quite a bit of funding from the LEGO company because the owner (Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen) thought their idea about using LEGO bricks in meetings was great. The “result” of this – arrives to Robert´s and my home (the story about “2 boxes” – coming from the UK and only containing receipts for money spent).

Well – once in a while I am instructed to also send a check to JR. – Somewhere. Once in Scotland I recall!

Well – well – long and sad story short: the RED figures from the 2 boxes are the opening figures in Executive Discovery´s bookkeeping. I am not happy. It looks terrible. An accounting guy is coming to US from head quarters in Billund. He is giving me an extremely hard time : “you and Robert are running a total loss venture and has been for years”. I am trying to explain that we have had NOTHING to with all the red figures for money spent way before the Executive Discovery setup in the US. But because LSP is still under development – the whole set-up with Executive Discovery is way too ambitious and LSP is hard to sell – the guy s(who at that point in time are heading the LEGO company – it varied quiet a bit in those days) decided to close Executive Discovery after less than 2 years.

Conclusion at the end of the year 2003 : Robert looses his job at the LEGO group (after 16 years). He is being blamed for the losses (despite the fact that the setup of the company was a mix of 98% the owner of LEGO and 1% to each of the 2 professors) and he and I are totally defamed.

An interesting fact is : I have still never seen – or met or having had any other contact with JR – (than frequent instructions as to where to send money). But now the “golden cow” (Executive Discovery and the 98/1/1 set-up) is dead. No money – not funny.

And the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodology … what now ???

… to be continued

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