It is 1999 … and there is this IDEA

Robert is busy at his “farmhouse” in Enfield, Connecticut – developing educational products for LEGO – but he is really fascinated by this idea – so he accepts the challenge: can he (and will he?) think about this and see if he can come up with something useful? – This is going to be in his free time because he continues his full time position managing the farmhouse development office.

This is kind of life-changing time for us – as a family – because from now on Robert is constantly contemplating on this issue and he is changing our guest room into a work-zone – bringing different LEGO bricks home. He works a lot and during the next year he has assembled a little group of very creative people who work with him on his “side project”. He also has several meetings with ONE of the 2 professors who came up with the initial idea : to use LEGO bricks in the conference room. Robert likes him and the 2 work well together.

Still …. a lot of the work takes place at our home and several times I cook meals for the wonderful mixed creative group. We have very little “free time” – Robert´s day time job and his development of the actual concept of LEGO SERIOUS PLAY take up all our time. But it is worth it : one day he and his group can present the first “manual” and LEGO produces the first LEGO SERIOUS PLAY kits (after I have been spending many hours in the guest-room assembling “test-sets” from all the different bricks – putting them in freezer bags so Robert could go out and test the methodology in real life).

So far so good – what now?

Well – when the 2 gentlemen first presented this IDEA for the owner of LEGO – there had been some kind of “entity” – in the UK – where some testing and development (?) had taken place and quite a bit of money had been spent.

So now it is decided to “move” this entity to the US and establish an American entity called Executive Discovery Ltd. – Now there is an actual methodology and an actual product – and as a natural consequence of that – Robert is asked to run this new entity. Now it is time to seriously market this amazing methodology.

I have serious doubts -we are at the end of year 2000 and if Robert accepts this position – it means he will “leave” his original position at LEGO (where he has been developing products since 1986) – a position that 5 years earlier – in 1995 moved us as a family – across the Atlantic Ocean – from Denmark to the States.

Robert is in limbo – but he is fascinated by the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodology and believes in it – seriously – so he accepts. This is truly a very strange time for me – as his wife. So many things are on Robert´s plate. He and I start to spend evenings and week-ends driving around to find good office locations for the new entity.

PER (Kristiansen) has come on board. He is living in the UK right now and travels frequently back and forth. His new life – as a part of Executive Discovery Ltd. – will be based in Italy from where he is going to market LSP in Europe.

2001 – “Hello world – LEGO is no longer “just a toy for children” – now it is time to PLAY in the conference rooms!”

… to be continued!

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