The Vampire is “out of the box” … is it scary – or just weird ???

In our great LSP community some has been approached via linked-in. The message starts:

“Twenty years ago, X X and I (the Vampire) developed the idea, concept and initial LEGO Serious Play product …………….”

I do not find it scary – I find it WEIRD! – Let me see … 20 years ago – that was 1999. That was the year Robert was contacted by (his employer) LEGO – because he and his crew in the “Farmhouse” in USA – were developing great products for education.

Could Robert please think about the IDEA that (2 PROFESSORS) had launched for the LEGO owner – Mr. Kristiansen: Could LEGO bricks be used as a communication ? – a strategy? – tool – for GROWN UPS – in the conference rooms ????

Money had been spent – but it had resulted in NOTHING – except for the IDEA.

But Robert found the IDEA (that the 2 gentlemen had come up with) great!

…. to be continued!

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