2019 It is a SERIOUS LIFE – and I am a SERIOUS WIFE

My blog is dedicated to the fantastic hardworking LEGO SERIOUS PLAY facilitators all over the world who have been trained in this methodology by one of the master trainers.

Many of you know who I am and I have had the pleasure to meet many of you through the past many years. But for you I have not yet met:

My name is Jette Rasmussen. I am a trained LEGO SERIOUS PLAY facilitator, I am married to Robert Rasmussen and I have been working alongside him for the past 25 years. I always jokingly say:

I am actually the one who MANUFACTURED the actual PRODUCT : LEGO SERIOUS PLAY – because it was in my guestroom in Longmeadow, Massachusetts that these first trial bags were made – by me – sitting on the floor – surrounded by huge bags of LEGO bricks, a pile of freezer bags from the local supermarket used for packaging – and a list Robert had given me – telling me how many bricks of which colors that had to be filled into the bags.

This blog is MY story.

And the reason for starting this blog now – in the early 2019 is the fact that 2 persons we have not met, seen or heard from – since late 2003 – now suddenly have surfaced.

How come? Why now?

Could it be because somebody (again) smell “easy money – fortune and fame”?

… to be continued …

2 thoughts on “2019 It is a SERIOUS LIFE – and I am a SERIOUS WIFE

  1. At last the wife’s perspective. I’m looking forward to hearing more from Mrs Rasmussen. But I don’t necessarily want to encourage Mrs Woolnough to do the same….

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jette Rasmussen, ansioso de que continue la historia “una esposa seria”.

    Felicidades su blog es muy interesante


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